Spring and Summer Must Do's


Depending on where you live, spring may feel like it is just weeks away, or it may feel a million years away! If it feels a million years away, don’t despair. Here are some delightfully fun hairstyles to try, and perfect, whilst waiting for warmer weather to arrive.


Adele, Is That You?

This fun style is always feminine and something that you can wear to everything from girls' night out to Sunday afternoon brunches. One way to bring in something unexpected is to put a vintage spin on it and go for the vintage finger waves touch.


How to Style:

Start with dry hair.

Using a 1-inch curling iron, wrap hair vertically around curling iron.

Before curls cool, pull gently on the ends to release some of the curl.

Using a teasing brush, backcomb hair starting about three inches back from the bang area. Continue backcombing until you reach the occipital bone.

Gently smooth backcombed area to conceal backcombing.

Pull bangs and sides forward and arrange as desired.

Place headband around backcombed area.

Mist with a medium hold hairspray.

Product Recommendation:

For backcombing that lasts all day and night, try Cricket’s Amped Up Teasing Brush.

Face Shape and Hair Density:

This style works with all face shapes and hair densities.